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By Published On: May 4th, 2022Comments Off on When to Get an AC Tune-Up: A Guide28.5 min read

Did you know that air conditioning units across the country are responsible for 6% of all energy production? Turning on your air conditioner is the easiest way to stay cool on the hottest days of the year. However, if you neglect regular maintenance on your unit, you might find yourself sweating it out the next time a heatwave rolls through.

So, how often should you get an AC tune-up? Most of the time, it comes down to paying attention to your unit. Continue reading to learn about the most common signs it’s time to schedule a tune-up for your HVAC unit.

You Notice a Change in Your Utility Bills

While it’s normal for your electricity bills to fluctuate throughout the year, they shouldn’t abruptly increase unless you’re using a lot more energy. If your energy habits are the same and you’ve tried implementing energy-saving best practices, but your bill continues to go up, it could be a sign that there’s an issue with your unit.

Without regular maintenance, dust, dirt, and debris will start to build up in your system. As a result, the unit has to work harder to cool your home, using more energy in the process, which you’ll see reflected in your bills.

Your Unit Has a Weakened Airflow

Throughout the year, you should be able to rely on your air conditioning unit to provide a steady airflow to help maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. If your unit is no longer producing a consistent airflow, it’s likely due to an issue with the filters or ducts.

Both clogged filters and ducts prevent air from flowing through your system. If the problem persists for too long, it can result in more damage to your system and expensive repair costs. At the first sign of reduced airflow, contact a professional air conditioner repair company like our team here at Sunrise Heat & Air.

You Hear Unusual Noises Coming From Your Unit

When turning on your air conditioner, you’ll probably notice a few sounds as it starts working. But, any noises beyond that can be cause for concern. For example, if you hear a whistling or buzzing sound, or a loud bang, there is probably an issue with your unit.

Instead of ignoring these strange noises, take them as a sign that your air conditioner is trying to tell you that something is wrong. By scheduling a tune-up, your maintenance provider will take a look at the inner workings of your unit, determine the source of the sound, and make recommendations for repairs, if necessary.

Your Home’s Humidity Levels Fluctuate

Here in Florida, we’re no strangers to humidity. But, if your air conditioner works properly, you shouldn’t have to worry about dealing with uncomfortable humidity inside. If you notice, however, that your home feels a bit stickier or you see condensation on your windows, that’s a sign that your AC is in need of a tune-up.

Fluctuating humidity levels in your home usually indicate that your AC needs more refrigerant. In most cases, this is a fix that you can have addressed during a regular tune-up appointment.

You Notice Water Leaking From Your Unit

When’s the last time you looked at your outdoor unit? If it’s been several months, now is a good time to give it a once-over, as it can give you a better sense of whether you need to schedule a tune-up. Noticing small amounts of condensation on your unit is normal. However, there should never be an accumulation of water around your unit. And, water should never leak into your home.

If you notice a water leak, call in the help of a professional as soon as possible. Once it’s fixed, continue to schedule regular maintenance appointments to help prevent leaks from ever starting in the first place.

Your Unit Emits a Bad Odor

Few things in life are worse than turning on your air conditioning and smelling a foul odor as a result. Oftentimes, these odors are due to a buildup of fungus or mold, a clogged drain line, or wet filters in your unit.

Fortunately, scheduling a tune-up can take care of all of those culprits. During your maintenance appointment, your technician will clean your unit, removing any odors and preventing new ones from sprouting up.

Your Unit No Longer Blows Cold Air

Perhaps the most obvious sign that your unit needs a tune-up is when it no longer blows cold air through your home. If your unit is pushing out room temperature or even hot air, it could be a result of several different issues. For example, maybe you need to clean your condenser coils. Or, it may be time to change out your air filters.

In the worst cases, you could be dealing with an electrical issue, which you should not attempt to fix yourself. Anytime that your unit stops blowing cold air, you should treat it like a potentially serious issue. Instead of troubleshooting it yourself, call in the help of a professional to get a tune-up on the whole system and a diagnosis for what’s causing the lack of cold air.

Don’t Wait to Schedule Your Next AC Tune-Up

The next time you notice any of the common issues we’ve listed above, take it as your sign that it’s time to schedule an AC tune-up. And, even if your unit is working fine right now, consider scheduling a tune-up if it’s been more than a year since your last appointment. Proactive maintenance is the best way to prevent future (and often more expensive) issues.

To get your appointment on the books, contact our team at Sunrise Heat & Air today!


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