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Benefits of Good AC
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You might be surprised how important AC systems are to your everyday life.

Not so long ago, air conditioners were a luxury that many found ostentatious. But what were classified as objects for the privileged are now basic equipment in homes, offices, and public places.

Why Are Air Conditioners Prevalent?

Due to climate change and urbanization, air conditioning systems have become the primary means of keeping safe, cool, and comfortable indoor air, especially here in Tampa, Florida. However, many are missing the benefits due to abusive use and faulty maintenance.

This article is a comprehensive look on the benefits of having good air conditioning system and how to achieve such.


Before understanding how a good AC system can benefit you, it is worth learning about the different types of AC systems:

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1. Central Air Conditioning

This type of conditioning is ideal for larger homes because it uses ducts that circulate the air through the entire building. Warm air enters registers and supply ducts and is then carried to a cooling area. Once cooled, it is returned to the living space through the registers and supply ducts again.

Central air conditioners require careful installation. The unit, ducts, and registers must be positioned correctly to attain functionality, safety, and efficiency.

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2. Ductless, Split Air Conditioning

Ductless, split systems are common in retro-fitted homes. Similar to central air conditioners, these come with an outdoor compressor and a handling unit that is placed indoor. This type of AC system is recommended if you want to cool a specific room in your home.

Many of these systems can have several indoor handling units, and all of them are connected to an outdoor unit. A thermostat is installed in each room, giving the dwellers the capability to regulate the temperature as desired.

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3. Window Air Conditioning Units

Window units are considered “compact units”. They can cool only one particular room and are installed into the wall or a window.

This type of AC system cools a room by pulling warm air to the back and blowing cooled air into the living space.

A window air conditioner is recommended for small spaces (apartments or home offices). Don’t use it to cool the entire house because it won’t be efficient.

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4. Portable Air Conditioning Units

Portable air conditioners may be regarded as the younger sibling of window-type models. This type of AC system draws air from the room and then cools it. Once cooled, the air is blown back into the room. Warm air is ejected through an exhaust hose, which is usually fixed in a door or window.

Similar to window units, they are intended for smaller spaces only. But they are versatile, uncomplicated, and affordable. Its portability can be significantly appreciated when you want to use rooms without fixed AC systems during hot days.

5. Hybrid Air Conditioners

These air conditioners utilize the same technology of hybrid cars. Inside them are heat pump systems that alternate between electricity and fossil fuels. They are equipped with a “smart” technology that selects between the two sources of energy to conserve resources.

Hybrid air conditioners may be effective against escalating energy costs.

During the hotter days of the year, the heat pump functions normally by drawing heat from the living space and dispensing it to the outdoor environment.

During winter, the heat pump works in an opposite manner. It draws heat from the outdoors and blows it into your rooms. When the levels of refrigerant falls below the outdoor temperate, the heat pulled from the outdoors is propelled to the coils and then to the refrigerant. The extracted air is “conditioned” and distributed in your home.

6. Geothermal Heating/Cooling

Geothermal energy is a type of energy generated by and stored in Earth. It is sustainable and efficient because it naturally produced.

Take note that the temperature below the surface stays within 55 degrees, no matter the atmospheric temperature. Because of this, geothermal technology can obtain heat from the below and distribute it into your home. This is usually achieved by installing a geothermal coil deep into the ground.

During summer, heat is collected from your home and dispensed into the ground. In the winter, this system obtains heat from the earth.

No matter what type of AC system you have at home, you are bound to experience these benefits if the system is well taken-cared of.

Benefits of Having Good Air Conditioning System

Health Benefits
This equipment may be the reason why you’re not seeing the doctor that often anymore.

Physical Health

Improves Respiratory Conditions

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 25 million people in the US have asthma, and the numbers grow each year. Asthma is chronic respiratory disease that is often uncomfortable and at times life-threatening.

Individuals with asthma or any other alike respiratory condition can reduce attacks with a good air conditioning system. A well-maintained AC unit gets rid of pollutants and contaminants (e.g dust, pollen, and pet dander) that triggers this condition, and puts them outdoors.

Regulates Healthy Temperature

Some are not aware of the detrimental effects of frequent temperature fluctuations to their health. Being exceedingly warm and then exceedingly cold (or vice versa) can drain your energy, which can leave you perpetually fatigued. This can also compromise the immune system.

An air conditioning system maintains a pleasant temperature, which sets the body in a better condition.

Your AC system can also save prevent heat exhaustion and heat stroke, which can be life-threatening.

Removes Odors and Fumes

Bad odors are irksome and they may also indicate a more serious issue. These include mold growth, fumes from cooking devices and stored chemicals, and leaks.
If any of these saturate the air and the air is kept stagnant, you’ll inhale harmful toxins/chemicals that can damage your body from within.

A well-maintained AC unit can consistently clear up indoor air by moving it through the filters.

Prevents Extreme Humidity

Relative humidity must be kept within a moderate level. If the environment is too humid, it will inspire the growth of bacteria, fungi, and other pathogens. Low humidity can dry out the skin and the sinuses. An air conditioning system keeps a healthy humidity level.

Mental Health

Heat makes you uncomfortable, and being uncomfortable for a prolonged period inspires irritability and anger. When it’s too hot, people in household and office settings tend to be inclined towards conflicts and are less cooperative and flexible.

Too Much Heat = Hot Head

Furthermore, extreme heat has been associated with violence. This is why road collisions are higher during summer. Studies also reveal that heat stress can impair complex cognitive abilities. It is also linked to insomnia, which may aggravate anxiety and depression.

Too Cold = Lethargy

Extreme cold slows down blood flow, which may cause confusion and lack of focus. This is because a sluggish blood slows down the transportation of oxygen, nutrients, and antibodies.

Depression, Anxiety, and Air Conditioning

A good air conditioning system can also prevent neuropsychiatric problems that can be induced by mold toxicity. If the air contains a lot of moisture, molds can grow. And if you’re not fortunate enough, your home can be inhabited by toxic black mold.

Your AC Can Make You Mentally Ill!
This type of mold produces potent toxins that can cross the blood-brain barrier and cause degradation of tissues and biochemical imbalance in the brain. Any of these or combined, can incite neuropsychiatric problems such as anxiety, depression, paranoia, and Bipolar tendencies.

If this happens, only a mold specialist doctor can help you. Thankfully, you can find effective mold toxicity treatment in Sponaugle Wellness Institute.

​Environmental Benefits

While even the most sophisticated air conditioner in the market today cannot totally eliminate carbon footprints, the use of such appliance is inevitable. The best thing that you can do is to be prudent when choosing an AC system.

It All Begins with the Unit

Choose an ozone-friendly model and take good care of it by hiring a professional AC technician to do the installation, repair, and maintenance. Consider signing up for an annual maintenance program if the company offers it.

BTU Matters
Look for a unit that suits the size and cooling requirements of your home. This will prevent you from cranking up the thermostat to achieve the desired temperature. If you the AC unit to work harder, it will burn more energy. This means more harmful substances are released to the environment and higher energy bills.

What is BTU?
The BTU (British thermal unit) of the air conditioner must be enough for the square footage that you want to cool. BTU is the measurement of energy required to increase the temperature of 1 pound of water by 1 degree.
Start by getting the square footage of the room by using these formula:

For rectangular and square rooms, simply multiply the length by width.
For triangular rooms, length x width / 2

Area (by square feet) Capacity Required(BTUs per hour)
100 up to 150 5,000
150 up to 250 6,000
250 up to 300 7,000
300 up to 350 8,000
350 up to 400 9,000
400 up to 450 10,000
450 up to 550 12,000
550 up to 700 14,000
700 up to 1,000 18,000
1,000 up to 1,200 21,000
1,200 up to 1,400 23,000
1,400 up to 1,500 24,000
1,500 up to 2,000 30,000
2,000 up to 2,500 34,000

Although there are BTU charts available online, you have to count other factors such as ceiling height, location, and purpose of the room. An AC professional can help you with this matter.

Energy Efficiency

You will want every volume of fossil fuel burned to be worth it. So, use appliances with Energy Star label, because these products use energy properly and emit less greenhouse gases.

According to Energy Star, if all AC units in the US are Energy Star-certified, greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced by up to 6 billion pounds each year. Do you know what that is equivalent of? Greenhouse gas discharges from over 570,000 vehicles!
Smart models allow users to control the AC system using smartphone or iPad. This feature offers an easy way to conserve energy.


Installation is just as important as the unit. Incorrect installation prevents users from receiving the total benefits of the AC system and adds more strain to the environment.

Put any component in the wrong position and the system’s efficiency is reduced. What is likely to happen is the user will force the system to work harder, which is equivalent to higher emissions of greenhouse gases.

Don’t DIY

Most types of air conditioners require careful planning and preparation, which may be intimidating for untrained individuals. Leaving the job to an AC contractor is the most sensible thing to do.

Redoing an installation can cause inconvenience and additional expenses. Furthermore, it can also be dangerous. Remember that air conditioners are high-powered appliances, so they need dedicated circuitry. Wires and ducts must also be positioned well to prevent overheating.


Seal all areas where cooled/warmed air can exit. Taking care of these air leaks can result to 10%-20% in energy savings.

Financial Benefits

If you’re wondering why you’re monthly budget isn’t working out, check for money leaks. Your inefficient AC system could be one of them.

According to a report from the United States Department of Energy, a typical American household spends an average of $2,200 for energy annually. And almost 50% of that number goes to cooling and heating. These numbers should convince you to be more determined on improving your home’s air conditioning system.


Energy Star-certified models consumer 9% less energy compared to average ones. This is equivalent to at least $70 in annual energy cost.

Understand EER or SEER
It is also important to check the EER or Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio for centralized systems) of your prospective unit.

The EER is BTU over wattage. For example, an AC with 10,000 BTU and consumes 1,200 watts has an EER rating of 8.3. To get this, simply divide 10,000/1,200.

Units with higher EER rating tend to be more expensive. But if you’re going to calculate that initial cost versus the energy savings in the long run, you’ll realize that it’s worth it.

Only if you do this

Of course, you will only be able to reap these benefits if the unit is properly installed. An improperly installed air conditioning system is not only less efficient, it is also likely to experience more frequent breakdowns. Filters should also be installed where you can easily access them for cleaning or replacement. Clog or damaged filters increase energy consumption and reduce indoor air quality.

And speaking of breakdowns…
All types of AC repair must be performed by a highly-trained AC technician. Attempting to tackle a problem without the right tools and training may only worsen the problem and cost you more.

Here is the secret to a long-lasting AC:
AC professionals can easily determine the problem and provide practical solutions. They can also spot emerging problems, and would be willing to evaluate the entire system for necessary fixes or upgrades. Professionals make sure that they do it the first time, so you don’t have to call for another repair within a short period of time.

Reliable contractors like Sunrise Heat and Air guarantee their results and warranty their systems.

Pet Care

Pets, particularly furry ones and those without hair, are more sensitive to temperature fluctuations. A good air conditioning system will stabilize their natural cooling capabilities and prevent cold and heat stroke.
Mold growth and flea infestation, which can harm your pet’s health, can also be warded off with an efficiency AC.

How to Have a Good AC System

Now you’ve learned the benefits of air conditioning, here’s how to get a good AC system and how to keep it at its optimal condition:

AC Installation

We’ve discussed EER, BTU, and Energy Star. Let’s now go down to the installation part.
Look for an AC contractor with the proper licenses and certificates to perform the services that you require. They must also be allowed to perform AC installation Tampa. Then, verify if they are specialized with the type of AC that you have. Some contractors are well-trained in centralized systems, while others with window and ductless units.

AC Installation Is Not That Easy

Being that it’s an intricate process, AC installation must only be performed by someone who has received extensive training from distinguished institutions. Do not gamble on this matter because correct installation guarantees optimal performance, longevity, and energy efficiency.

The following must be factored in during installation:

  • Equipment size
  • Placement
  • Ductwork
  • EER or SEER
  • Add-ons

AC Repair

All air conditioning systems will deteriorate over time. That is just the law of nature. But, you can delay this with proper installation and maintenance.

Some events that can harm your air conditioner are inevitable though, such as electrical surges. If you are ever faced with an AC problem, call professional AC repair Tampa.

It’s Just a Simple Glitch So Why Call a Professional?

A problematic AC system must be handled with extreme caution because a slight blunder can quickly create irreversible damage. Professionals, like Sunrise Heat and Air, are highly-trained and well-equipped. So, when they repair something, they can guarantee that the problem is thoroughly resolved and you won’t have to deal with it again in a long time.

Call an AC Technician or Be Surprised

Quality repair is essential to a good AC system. If not repaired properly, the unit will not be as efficient and the damage can spread to other parts of the system. Before you know it, you’re energy bill has skyrocketed and your heating/cooling equipment has to be replaced.

Listed below are the most common AC problems that require professional attention:

  • Thermostat problems
  • Low refrigerant
  • Duct leaks
  • Frozen evaporator coils
  • Clogged drains
  • Faulty Fans
  • Issues related to breakers and capacitors

Be alert of unusual noises coming from the AC, sudden rise in energy bills, and inefficient cooling. If any of these are observed, it is best to call a professional air conditioning company immediately.

AC Maintenance

Maintenance is key to preserving the integrity of your air conditioning system. It prevents costly repairs, steep energy bills, and frustrating inconvenience.
Hire AC maintenance Tampa to perform the following:

  • Clean and replace filters
  • Clean and replace coils and coil fins
  • Unclog condensate drains
  • Check drain pan
  • Monitor refrigerant levels
  • Use leak detector to check for refrigerant leak
  • Replace refrigerant and dispose it properly
  • Seal leakage along the ducts
  • Measure airflow throughout the evaporator coil
  • Check the electric control sequence and ensure that the cooling and heating system do not run simultaneously.
  • Check electric terminals
  • Clean and secure connections
  • Install non-conductive coatings
  • Inspect check belts and oil motors
  • Review the thermostat’s accuracy

It is more practical to work with a professional AC company that offers a wide range of services, like Sunrise Heat and Air. This way you won’t be confused with the documents, schedules, and payments.

Furthermore, if the air conditioning system is installed and maintained by the same company, it will be easier for them to diagnose the problem and determine the best possible solution based on the data that they have.

To get the full advantages of air conditioner, prudence must be practiced from the selection process to installation, repair, and maintenance.

There is no doubt that professional AC services are superior to DIY attempts. Yes, they require more cash. But if you’re going to calculate the benefits of a good ac system to your health, environment, finances, and pet care, you will realize that these services are actually more cost-efficient.

Bay Area Trusts One Brand for AC Needs

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They offer AC installation, repair, and maintenance to the major cities and some counties. And because they understand how important a good AC system is to your daily life, they also offer 24/7 emergency services.

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