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Benefits of a Smart Thermostat
By Published On: May 18th, 20200 Comments36.3 min read

Thermostats have been around since 1885, with the thermostat as we know it first appearing in 1953.

Since then, the basic functions have remained the same. That is, until the invention of the smart thermostat.

Smart thermostats have changed the way that we heat and cool our homes, offering a wide range of benefits over traditional thermostats.

Read on as we look at some of the key benefits of installing a smart thermostat.

What is a Smart Thermostat?

A smart thermostat is a thermostat that can be connected to a phone, computer, or other internet-enabled device.

This connection allows a smart thermostat to have a range of functions that are not possible with a standard thermostat. This includes the ability to control your heating and cooling with your phone, even when you’re not at home. It also allows you to set schedules for your heating and cooling.

A smart thermostat can even turn your HVAC system off when it detects that everyone has left the house. These capabilities mean that smart thermostats can offer a number of benefits above those offered by traditional thermostats.

The Benefits of Installing a Smart Thermostat

Installing a smart thermostat offers a number of different benefits. We’ll take a look at some of the most important.

Saving Money

Probably the biggest reason that people purchase smart thermostats is because they can save you money.

The Google Nest smart thermostat costs around $250. This may seem like a lot of money to be spending for a thermostat, but you then need to factor in the savings you will make on your energy bills. Google estimates that the Nest thermostat can reduce gas usage by almost 10% and electricity usage by 17.5%.

With the average energy bill in the US in 2017 being $111.67 per month, a 10% saving would equate to $134 per year. That means that in less than two years, the thermostat would have paid for itself. After that point, you would benefit from the full $134 saving year after year.

If your heating or cooling runs on electricity, the savings would be even higher.

How a Smart Thermostat Saves You Money

How does a smart thermostat manage to reduce your energy usage so significantly?

This happens in a number of ways. Firstly, you have far more control over when your heating and cooling runs. Instead of having set times each day, you can set a schedule that varies for each day of the week to more accurately match your lifestyle.

In addition, your smart thermostat can turn off heating when you’re not at home, ensuring that you’re not wasting money heating or cooling an empty house. Some thermostats can also learn your habits and adjust the schedules to become more efficient. All of which adds up to significant savings.

A smart thermostat can also track your energy usage. You’ll be able to see what days and what times you use the most energy and you can then think about ways to reduce your energy usage at these times. One of the simplest ways is to adjust your thermostat by a degree; you probably won’t notice the difference, but it can save you a significant amount.

Setting Heating Zones

Another money-saving feature of some smart thermostat systems is the ability to heat or cool individual zones of your home.

By placing sensors in different rooms, you can set different schedules and temperatures for different parts of the house. That means you don’t have to waste energy cooling the guest room that isn’t being used but can still have the living room at the exact temperature you want it. You can also set your bedroom as a zone so that you only turn on the heating or cooling in the morning and at night when you’re actually using the room.

By only heating or cooling the areas that you are using, you can make even bigger savings on your energy bills.

Keeps Your AC Running Smoothly

Smart thermostats can save you money in other ways too, one of which is extending the life of your heating or cooling system.

Since your smart thermostat helps you use your system more efficiently, it can actually extend the lifespan of your air conditioning or heating system. Some smart thermostats also have the capability to remind you when maintenance is needed. For example, you may receive a message informing you that it’s time to change the filters.

Regular maintenance is a key part of keeping your system running smoothly and extending its lifespan.

Easy To Use

One of the reasons that some people didn’t get the full benefits of traditional thermostats is that they were often quite complicated to program. It meant that many people left them on the default settings, which were not necessarily the most efficient for their homes.

A smart thermostat is incredibly simple to use. You can control it from your smartphone with a tap of a button. You can set up your heating or cooling schedule quickly and easily, and amend it at any time.

Another huge benefit is that you can control your thermostat no matter where you are. In the past, if you went away on holiday and forgot to turn the heating off, it would remain on until you got home. With a smart thermostat you can turn it off whilst you’re waiting to board your plane.

The reverse is also true. If you come home sooner than expected, you can switch on the air conditioning from your smartphone so that you’ll return to a home that’s the perfect temperature.

Are You Ready to Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat?

If this list of the benefits of installing a smart thermostat has made you think that it’s time to upgrade your HVAC system, then we’re here to help.

We offer a wide range of services both for air conditioning and heating, including installation, repair, and maintenance. Sunrise Heat and Air has a team of experts on different AC systems that offer customized solutions to residential, commercial, and industrial settings in the Bay Area.

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